Simplify your household employee payroll and taxes

Pay your nanny, housekeeper and any other household employee legally, without the effort. Save time and money, avoid the risks of penalties and fines, and get the support you need — including everything from federal and state tax filings and payments to direct deposits to end-of-year tax filing.

Household Nanny Payroll and Taxes

How it works

Sign up as a household employer

Get started in minutes. Add your household tax and bank account information, sign the paperwork, and we’ll take it from there. Save the 60hrs/year that the IRS estimates it takes to manage payroll and taxes.

Invite your employees hands-free

We onboard your employees and collect their tax forms and ID. Next, we set them up with our free direct deposit (or check), keeping your bank account information completely private.

Enjoy outsourced tax and payroll

We ensure timely and compliant pay checks and tax filings, for any salaried or hourly household employees, with free year-end tax preparation. We're always here for any questions!

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Household Payroll and Taxes, Simplified

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Better household employment for all involved

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Elevate your household with simplified household employee payroll and taxes, built for you

Nines is modernizing the private service industry by empowering both families and their employees. 

When you sign up for our household employee payroll and tax services, you’ll get expert support, as well as access to our full household management platform. With Nines, you can manage employee payroll, tasks, communication and more — all in one place.

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“It’s an ongoing relationship that begins and ends with trust and constantly reassures me that my household and family are taken care of.”

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