Mastering Estate Projects Workshop

Every principal has dreams for their property, whether it’s building a home on a 200-acre ranch, renovating a historical house, overhauling lighting or installing a green roof.

Projects like these give estate managers a chance to stretch beyond everyday household operations and thrive in their roles, serving as the missing puzzle piece between their principals and the people who bring their vision to life.

In this on-demand workshop, you’ll learn how to keep track of the moving pieces, from deadlines to budgets, how to report on progress and communicate effectively with your principals, and how to bring the best out of your staff and vendors. You’ll walk away feeling ready to turn any big vision into a reality.

"Shelby and the Nines team have been instrumental in helping me set up all the properties. I'm new to household management, and her guidance has been gold. With the processes set up, organized and in one place, my team and I are set up to succeed — we're prepared for anything that comes our way."

Jenny, Chief of Staff (CT)

"Shelby is great to work with, she’s patient, knowledgeable and understands what is required to successfully operate in private service. Shelby’s knowledge is broad - she knows a lot about many subjects that are required to successfully manage a complicated and sophisticated estate; service, personnel management, construction management, dealing with principals, proper care and cleaning of fine household furnishings and goods."

Jared, Director of Residences (TX)

"Shelby’s knowledge and understanding of household/ estate management is unparalleled. We had an opportunity to work with Shelby for a short time and everyone on our team was extremely impressed. Clearly her past work experience is broad and her ability to grow with the organization is outstanding."

Mark, CEO (GA)

Schedule + overview

This workshop is designed for estate managers and private service professionals who strive to take on bigger, more exciting projects.

Whether you’re just getting started and aspiring to take on more, or you’re looking for ways to streamline the work you’ve done for decades, this workshop will give you a modern approach to managing projects from start to finish, as well as best practices for communicating with your principals, staff and vendors that give you the foundation you need to collaborate on any project.

Where: Wherever you want to be! This workshop is virtual.

When: Any time! This recorded workshop is available on demand.

Admission: $350

Format: This is a three-part workshop. Each session is 2 hours, with instruction and Q&A. All registrants also receive access to the relevant templates and worksheets.

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To manage major projects, you have to know what your principals want and the intricacies of how they operate. What are your principals’ expectations, what are their plans for the year ahead, and what are their dreams for the future? In part 1, we’ll talk about how to communicate with your principals, report progress, gain insight into how each member of the family thinks, and tailor the communication process to each person. It’s up to you to translate their vision to contractors and staff, and this session will help you feel ready to ask the right questions.


How do you manage a project from start to finish, while balancing your regular list of recurring tasks? In part 2, we’ll get into the details and use real-life examples to walk through every aspect of managing a project, from budgeting and setting expectations for your principals, to keeping track of project costs and managing staff and vendors. You’ll walk away ready to manage any project, big or small.


To accomplish any project, you’ll need to translate your principal’s vision into practical plans for everyone on your team. Projects give you an opportunity to help your staff and vendors shine in their roles, as well as a chance to expand your connections and meet fascinating people in the industry – from specialty tile experts to mural artists. In part 3, we’ll cover all things people management, not only around project management, but also around crucial foundational aspects like conducting performance and pay reviews, reviewing task lists and updating for the year ahead, setting expectations, and creating a culture where everyone works together at a high level.

Meet your instructor

Shelby Boudreau is a seasoned estate manager with two decades of experience managing luxury properties and growing estates. In this course, she’ll draw from her own experience scaling a 16–property estate, and share her own tried and true methods for managing household operations.

“As someone who has walked in your shoes, it’s my goal to teach you the importance of connecting the dots between people and properties,” says Shelby. “I want to help you elevate your skills, gain the respect of your team members, and walk away from this course with the knowledge and confidence to thrive (instead of survive) as an estate manager.”

Meet your household operations workshop instructor, seasoned estate manager Shelby Boudreau

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This workshop will benefit not only the people who take it, but also the teams they work with and the households they support. All attendees will leave with modern strategies for managing projects and foundational best practices for HR, communications, and more — as well as tools and templates to help you immediately take action on what you’ve learned. Want to ask your principal to cover the course? Check out our reimbursement request email template here.

Take on bigger projects and thrive in your role

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At Nines, we’re on a mission to simplify and elevate household life. Managing the operations of any home is too complex — and we want to make it easier. Our household management app is designed for managing properties and assets, keeping track of vendors and tasks, and accessing critical checklists and documents. Meanwhile, our Easemakers community gives private service professionals connections and resources to grow their skills and careers.

With our modern household management workshops, our goal is to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to streamline the ins and outs of your household operations.

“When your principal trusts you to run projects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, they’re really trusting you — and this is the fun part. It’s a real growth point in your career as an estate manager, and when their dreams come true, sometimes ours do, too.”


— Shelby Boudreau, Instructor & Estate Management Expert