Nines is your backup

The right tools are even better with real, human support. Our in-house services team and preferred partners provide expertise and an extra set of hands, whether you’re a home owner, estate or house manager, or a personal or family assistant. We’ve got your back.

Household management services

How can we help you?

House manual consultation 

Nines makes it easy to put together a user-friendly, accessible digital house manual that keeps your household running smoothly. If you need extra help setting up your manual or improving the flow of service in your household, we can provide a more detailed consultation or an in-person visit.  

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Household management training

Get the modern take on household and estate management, fueled by smart technology made specifically for households like yours. Learn how to manage staff, oversee budgets, manage events, vet and procure vendors, and organize everything in your household, from contacts and documents to tasks and checklists.

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Physical inventory tracking 

Nines allows you to manage inventory in an easy, accessible digital household management platform. Hand the full setup process over to a team who will visit your home, document and photograph everything you want to track, and deliver a plan for tracking, logging, and purchasing inventory — all within your Nines account.

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Property and asset maintenance 

Whether you need advice on how to maintain your properties and most valuable assets, create custom task lists for your maintenance staff and vendors, or develop a personalized maintenance calendar to automate seasonal schedules, our estate management experts are available for consulting and hands-on support. 

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Household staff recruitment 

With a background in private staffing, our team knows the challenges of finding the perfect fit for your household, and we’re here to support you throughout the process. We work directly with principals and managers to consult on new and existing household staff roles and responsibilities, craft job descriptions tailored to your needs, and distribute job listings. We’ll connect you with the right staffing agency in our network of partners, and run background and reference checks on your shortlist of candidates.

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Support for any household management challenge 


Our software ensures that you always have the answers you need, and acts as a smart assistant with built-in tools to remind you of upcoming tasks and hold your household staff accountable. Our services help you build on what you’ve started, providing flexible support wherever you need help. Whether you need consulting around staffing and your household manual, or you want to take inventory and payroll off your plate, we have the passion and experience to tackle any challenge and make your life easier.