The biggest mistake in hiring household staff

You want to create a sense of calm in your household, so you hire a domestic staffing agency to help you find the perfect estate manager, the top private chef, the best executive housekeeper, or a professionally trained nanny with 10+ years of experience in childcare. But are you wasting time on an impossible task?

The biggest mistake households make in hiring staff is thinking that the perfect person will solve all their problems. Finding good people is a start, but standout private service professionals won’t work for you for long if you don’t give them the support they need to be successful.

Your staff needs the right setup, cutting-edge technology that works for them, and go-to backup whenever they need help — and at Nines, we’re making that possible.

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Continuity for your home, despite household staffing turnover

Even when you find the perfect fit, turnover is inevitable in household staffing.

Household management software ensures continuity, even if your household manager moves on to a new opportunity.

“It’s been leaving me with a sense of relief,” one estate manager told the Nines team after signing up for Nines. “I’m building something that’s useful to not just me in the future, but what if there was another house manager, or an assistant manager that came on, I’m putting the information together for everyone that works here.”

With Nines, your home has an enduring house manual that ensures nothing slips through the cracks, even as private service professionals come and go.

3 household staffing traps to avoid

Misunderstanding of staffing needs

Do you have an easy way to track roles and responsibilities, and see what’s missing? Don’t let your household staffing agency write a job description for a personal assistant or an executive assistant, when you actually need a house manager — or you’ll never find qualified candidates.

Lack of training

Do you have a household manual to help them learn about their task list, your household’s standards and preferences, and the rest of the team? Your household staff needs to know your expectations from the beginning.Do you have an easy way to track roles and responsibilities, and see what’s missing? Don’t let your household staffing agency write a job description for a personal assistant or an executive assistant, when you actually need a house manager — or you’ll never find qualified candidates.

Subpar household management tools

Are your household staff members wasting time balancing spreadsheets, long text threads, and paper lists — getting more and more frustrated by the day? Household managers and domestic staff deserve technology and support that’s built for them.

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Help your household staff provide the best service

A smarter house manual to keep up with your household

Whether you have three part-time babysitters or an estate manager who oversees 20 full-time household staff members, you can keep everyone on the same page with Nines. Easily train your staff and help them get it right the first time. Share protocols, tasks, checklists, contacts and more — all right here.

Empower staff with the tech they deserve

Make life easier for your household staff with intuitive technology that’s designed specifically for private service professionals who are too busy for tools that don’t work for them. Plus, get oversight without micromanaging — follow along with staff members’ progress and get real-time updates when work gets done.

Control your household’s private information

Keep all of your household’s information and communications in a platform you control. Easily onboard new staff, and revoke permissions when someone leaves. Don’t let information about your family, properties, and most valuable assets walk away on a former staff’s personal phone.

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Empower everyone involved with your household

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Support beyond household staffing

In addition to first of its kind technology built specifically to meet your household’s needs, Nines provides expert services to supplement your household staffing and household management needs.

Talk with our dedicated estate management consultant to get help building a manual, training household staff, and filling in the gaps when it comes to household staffing. We’ll analyze your staffing needs, connect you with an employment agency, craft job descriptions, help with interviews and run background checks.

Plus, we provide educational opportunities and community for private service professionals, so they can learn from industry experts and grow to provide the best possible service.

Nines is the household management platform built with security first

Household staffing won’t solve your problems. Household management technology will.

Even the best household staff will struggle or burn out if they don’t have the support they need — and that means, you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of searching for the perfect estate manager.

And you don’t have the time.

Enter Nines — technology and support designed for households and the private service professionals who keep them running smoothly.

With Nines household management software, you can empower your household staff with a digital house manual backed by industry expert Marta Perrone’s tried and true system for managing households.

Plus, you and your staff get access to a dedicated estate management consultant, who you can call for backup any time.

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