Household Management

Your household deserves better technology

Your household faces many of the same challenges as a small business. But the spreadsheets, text messages and physical paperwork you're using to manage your employees, properties and vendors can’t keep up — and it’s time for a change. 

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Household Manual

How a digital house manual helped this estate manager save time and provide better, more cost-effective service

Linda Peifer never wanted a digital house manual — she liked the way she was doing things and she was wary of change. But today, she’s saving time and enjoying a clean desk, and she says, “I’m a believer.”


[Easemakers Podcast E7] Making your vendors feel a part of the team

Want to work with vendors who would drop everything to help you? Get tips from Estate Manager Shelby Boudreau in the latest episode of the Easemakers Podcast.

Household Vendors

House rules: how to set expectations with your vendors

Your vendors can only live up to your household’s standards if they know what they are. Here’s how to write house rules that set expectations from the beginning.

Household Vendors

9 ways to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your vendors

Your household couldn’t run smoothly without the help of experts who specialize in A/V, irrigation, construction, and more. Here are 9 ways to build stronger relationships with your vendors.

Household Vendors

Keep track of your household’s vendors with Nines

Vendors are a key part of managing households, and the right vendor management system can make life easier for you and your service providers. See how Nines household management software can streamline your vendor workflow.


AMA: Translating your principal's vision into the perfect event

Want to turn your principal's grand ideas into a concrete plan? Bring your questions to our ask me anything (AMA) conversation with Joshua Griffiths!