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Manage household tasks anywhere, anytime with Nines

Need a better way to check things off your household’s to-do list? With Nines, you can create tasks, assign them to household staff, share them with contractors, and follow along as work gets done — anytime, anywhere.

By Kristin Twiford

Household management is an art, but how can you brainstorm new ideas for entertaining, troubleshoot inefficiencies on a property, or take on a new renovation project when managing day-to-day tasks takes up all of your time?

Too often, you’re stuck recreating checklists for your household staff, answering long text message threads filled with questions and miscommunications, wondering if a task is finished, and keeping the whole family up to date with the information they care about most.

Whether you’re an estate manager or a busy homeowner, you need an easier way to manage the to-do lists of your household staff and stay on top of your household’s progress. You need the ability to automate tasks that happen all the time, so you don’t have to waste valuable hours re-doing work. And, you need a bird’s eye view of your household’s task list so you can see what your staff has accomplished, what needs to be done, and who needs your support.

At the same time, your household staff needs a system that’s both helpful and easy to use. Your housekeeper and your nanny won’t use a project management tool that’s too complicated. They’re always on the go, and they need a simple solution that works well on mobile. But if you can find a household management system that empowers them with the information they need in seconds, without the hassle, you’ll be able to help everyone work and communicate more efficiently.

With Nines household management software, you can easily create tasks and assign them to people in your household. It’s simple and user-friendly, so it saves you time and works for everyone, no matter their schedule or comfort level with technology. And, it gives you insight into everything going on at a given time, without micromanaging your household staff.

Let’s explore how you can start checking tasks off of your to-do list with Nines.

Project management built specifically for households

Project management tools are great for keeping teams on track, but they’re designed for corporate teams, and don’t have built-in solutions made specifically for household staff.

Nines is built for households, so it’s already organized in a way that’s intuitive for estate managers, staff, and family members. Project management is just one part of Nines — which means your tasks can connect to every other aspect of your house manual.

You can @ mention anything you’ve added to Nines to create quick links between important information. For example, in your house manual’s protocols, you could @ mention your housekeeper, as well as a task she’s responsible for.

Or, when you create a task, you could @ mention a person, a property or an asset. For example, you could assign a task to your driver to take the @BMW for annual maintenance.

Create a task with at mentions in Nines
When you’re creating a task, you can @ mention assets, vendors and more so you and your team can hover or click for quick access to helpful details

When all of your household’s most important information is connected, it can work harder for you.

Manage your household’s to-do list

Whether you’re organizing the tasks on your own plate or assigning work to household staff, managing all the details and keeping track of what’s been done can be a massive task in itself.

Nines makes it easy to create new tasks, set due dates and reminders, and prioritize what needs to be done. You can assign tasks to yourself, or to anyone you’ve added to Nines.

You can keep it simple by writing a quick title, setting a deadline, and assigning the task. Here’s a look at how to make a task, focusing on the small handful of required fields.

In Nines, you can easily create a task, add a due date, and assign it to someone on your team
Easily create a task, add a due date, and assign it to someone on your team

Or, you can get specific, adding a description and a checklist (complete with @ mentions of people, properties, or assets), marking the property and zone where the work needs to be done, and attaching any relevant documents or photos. Below, for example, we’ve created a task with a grocery list, a description that @ mentions the exact store where we’d like Elsie to shop, and noted the zone where all of the items on her shopping list should be stocked when she gets back to the house.

Add rich details, @ mentioning people, properties, vendors and assets, noting the zone where work should be done, and uploading any relevant documents
Add rich details, like checklists, note the zone where work should be done, upload any relevant documents, and @ mention people, properties, vendors and assets for easy access to helpful information

You’ll be able to keep track of your household’s progress on the tasks overview page. No matter where you are, you can follow along in real time as work gets completed, and hold staff accountable without having to check in and micromanage them. Quickly scroll through completed tasks, and sort and filter your list by due date, assignee, status and priority, so you can answer any questions about what’s on your to-do list in seconds.

Get an overview of everything on your household's to-do list and follow along in real time as work is completed
Get an overview of everything on your household’s to-do list and follow along in real time as work is completed

Save time with recurring tasks

How often do you recreate the same task for your housekeeper, your houseman or your landscaping company? How many times have you sent your gardener or your HVAC vendor the same information over the years?

70-80% of household tasks are recurring — and Nines allows you to automate these tasks, so you can stop wasting time doing work you’ve already done.

When you’re creating a task, you can set it to recur daily, weekly, annually, etc. Tomorrow, next week, or next year, it’ll automatically come back to your task list, and send a notification to the assignee — without you having to do anything. Think of all the time you’ll save, and how you could use that time to work on more exciting, meaningful projects.

Empower your household staff with user-friendly tools

Project management tools are only helpful if your team is actually going to use them. They need to save you time, rather than adding work to your plate.

Since Nines is designed specifically for home management, our tasks are easy for household staff to use when they’re on the go. Our entire platform works seamlessly on mobile, without downloading an app. No need to worry about whether your team uses Apple iOS or Android.

Plus, you can meet staff where they are. Some manager level employees will need full access to your Nines account, with the ability to assign tasks and search for helpful information.

But let’s say you want to share cleaning tasks with your housekeeper or meal planning tasks with your chef. They need easy access simple tasks and lists, without tedious logins and distractions. And, they’re not sitting at a computer — they need to check in quickly on an iPhone or an iPad and get back to the task at hand.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to share tasks with anyone via simple links. You create the task, and share it with anyone who needs it — your housekeeper, your nanny, or even one of your third-party vendors, like your plumber or your IT service provider.

They’ll get a text or email notification with a simple link. When they click, they’ll get a clean view of all of the information you’ve shared with them. They can quickly read your notes, run through the checklist, and mark the task as completed, all on their phones. If they have any questions, they can add a comment, and you’ll get a notification so you can follow up quickly. No need to bounce back and forth between calls, texts, Whatsapp messages and emails, because it’s all right here.

Share simple links where household staff and vendors can easily view tasks and check off items
Share simple links where household staff and vendors can easily view tasks and check off items

Organize tasks into checklists

For some households, home management might be as simple as delegating household chores, cleaning tasks, etc. For others, it can be as complex as project management for a small business.

Either way, having the ability to organize all of your tasks into checklists can be a powerful way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

In Nines, you can make simple to-do lists, or create complex lists of tasks. You could create a list of tasks for a number of different reasons, for example:

  • Creating a daily to-do list of recurring tasks for your housekeeper
  • Putting together a list of tasks for spring opening
  • Planning quarterly home maintenance projects
  • Tracking home inventory
A list of household tasks in Nines
Organize household tasks into lists, like this pre-arrival checklist

These lists make complex household management easier, balancing the power of project management and list apps with the simplicity and ease of use your household needs.

Streamline your household management

In addition to smarter tools for household management, Nines gives you the support to need along the way. Learn about home organization, house manuals, managing household staff and more through our Stories. And, check out our Easemakers community and Easemakers Podcast, where private service professionals can find inspiration, connection and professional development.

Ready to make task management easier for everyone in your household? Learn more about Nines and schedule a demo today.

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