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[Easemakers Podcast E20] Growing from nanny to household and estate manager

Are you in a nanny or family assistant role, aspiring to be an estate manager? In this episode of the Easemakers Podcast, Brianna Shute shares how she grew from being a nanny to an estate manager as her principals' needs changed.

Household Management

Tackle your household operations in 3 easy steps

Managing homes and estates isn't easy. But if you take these 3 simple steps, you can cut down on the chaos, save time, and be more prepared for anything that comes your way.


[Easemakers Podcast E19] Serving as a footman to Queen Elizabeth II

This week, people around the world are paying homage to Queen Elizabeth II. On this episode of the Easemakers Podcast, Chris Ely shares what it was like to be a footman at Buckingham Palace.


35+ templates to create a smart household manual (in a fraction of the time)

You know you need a house manual, but where to start? Introducing Nines list templates — built by the experts, so you can save time and start checking things off your list right away.


[Easemakers Podcast E18] Mayday case study: overcoming 'hell week'

One week, three holiday dinners, no notice. When Holy Week turned into 'hell week,' Latricia Friend made the impossible possible for her principals — and now, she's sharing how she did it in the latest episode of the Easemakers Podcast.


[Easemakers Podcast E17] The tension between estate managers and interior designers

Estate managers and interior designers both want to make their principals happy — so why is it such a challenge to work together? We asked two friends to debate some common scenarios, and to share how they've built a positive working relationship.


[Easemakers Podcast E16] Managing risk in household employment

How do you create a healthy work environment for household staff, get ahead of challenges, and keep tough situations from escalating? In a new episode of the Easemakers Podcast, TEAM CEO Rachel Green shares tips and best practices for minimizing risk in household employment.