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[Easemakers Podcast E49] Time management and avoiding the 8 deadly time thieves

Private service professionals often feel like there aren't enough hours in a day — but are you falling victim to the 8 deadly time thieves? In a new episode of the Easemakers Podcast, professional organizer and bestselling author Andrew Mellen shares his tips for time management.

Household Management

9 keys to modern household management

Want your household to run as efficiently as possible? Here are 9 keys to a modern approach to estate management.


[Easemakers Podcast E48] Resourcing: how to set your family office and household staff up for success

How do you ensure your team has the resources they need, and how do you ask for more support? Rebecca Maguire shares her tips for setting family offices and teams of household staff up for success.


[Easemakers Podcast E47] Exploring the options for private aviation

The options for private air travel are extensive. What are the advantages of buying a private plane, working with an air charter service, or owning a fraction of a private jet? In this episode of the Easemakers Podcast, private aviation expert and Corporate Aviation CEO Ryan Hall breaks down the options for flying privately.

Household Inventory

[Easemakers Podcast E46] The importance of an up to date home inventory — and how to create one for your household or estate

Do you know how to create a home inventory list? Why is inventory so important — to family members, to your insurance company and to your household staff? And, what needs to be included on your home inventory checklist? Inventory expert Carol Kaufman shares her tips in the latest episode of the Easemakers Podcast.


[Easemakers Podcast E45] Virtual personal & executive assisting and building a remote private service business

Tara Ulrich is a virtual personal assistant and executive assistant who supports clients across the country. In this episode of the Easemakers Podcast, she shares her tips for providing administrative support remotely and building a virtual assistant business in private service.

Household Management

5 tips for hiring and retaining a top estate manager for your household staff

Whether you’re hiring a full-time household manager for the first time or hoping to keep an amazing estate manager for the long term, these 5 tips from expert private service professionals will help you recruit and retain top talent.