The easiest way to manage your properties and everything that comes with them

What does home mean to you? No matter your answer, the everyday complexities of maintenance and housekeeping shouldn’t get in the way.

With Nines, you can manage properties, people and projects all in one place — and get backup when you need it — so you can save time and focus on what matters most.

Ready to see why Nines is the go-to household management platform for discerning households, family offices and private service professionals?

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We obsess over security — so you don’t have to

Nines is built with security first, and backed by AWS’ highest available security standards. All your data, including backups, is encrypted at rest and over the wire. We protect and isolate any sensitive data, such as personally identifying information, and adhere to all data governance restrictions.  

Our leaders in infrastructure, security and engineering came from Walmart, where data standards and security have the strictest requirements, and have implemented the same security elements at Nines. And, we offer multi-factor authentication that requires anyone logging into your account to enter a uniquely generated code in addition to a username and password.  

Plus, our advanced permissions settings allow you to control your household’s data, and rest easy knowing your most important information is preserved and protected. 

Ask our team for our security document with more details about our security standards.

Simple household management

Whether you’re managing it all on your own or collaborating with staff and vendors, our household manual app helps you keep everyone on the same page, anticipate what's coming, and bring a sense of calm to your home.


Tailored support

Our platform is designed specifically for households, so it’s easy to get set up and keep things running smoothly with templates, reminders, notifications, and automations — but any time you have a question, you can call your dedicated estate management expert for backup.


Secure flexibility

You need to share checklists, documents, photos and more — but you don’t want that information going unprotected on a staff or vendor’s phone. Nines is built with security first, so you can collaborate on all the moving pieces without losing control.

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Live simply with a customized manual for your home 

Keep your household’s most important information at your fingertips in a smart household manual, built specifically for busy families who want to enjoy their time at home. Whether you’re moving, welcoming guests, or managing the everyday chaos of modern home life, Nines helps you ensure everyone’s on the same page and everything’s running smoothly — so you can get back to doing whatever you love most.

Easily keep track of your to-do list 

Get a clear picture of everything that’s happening across your properties — what needs to be done, where everything is, and who’s coming and going. Create tasks and to-do lists, and set reminders to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Get notifications in real time as things get checked off. 

Avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes 

Care for your properties and your most valuable possessions by getting ahead of maintenance schedules. Automate recurring tasks, get reminded when it’s time for regular maintenance, and work with a dedicated household management expert who’s seen it all. With the right systems in place, you can get ahead of challenges and reduce the risk of emergencies.  

Find answers quickly 

Run a quick search to find any detail in seconds, from gate codes and streaming passwords to your plumber’s phone number and instructions on how to shut off your water valve. Never waste time digging for information, and feel confident knowing the answers are always in the palm of your hand.

Go from chaos to calm with templates and support 

Get a head start with industry-standard templates for housekeeping checklists, maintenance schedules, seasonal care and more. Work with a dedicated household management expert to tailor everything to your needs, and create a household manual that’s as personal and unique as your home.

Plan ahead and see what’s happening with a household calendar

Get visibility into everything going on across your properties — what’s coming up, who’s coming and going, and where and when projects are scheduled. Whether you want to coordinate calendars for residents, staff and vendors, plan out your annual maintenance, or find a window of opportunity for a renovation project, Nines helps you stay ahead, make smart decisions, and keep everyone informed.

Share information, without losing control 

Share to-do lists, documents, and other helpful information with trusted staff and vendors. With layered permissions settings, you get to decide who can see what — and you can revoke access at any time. Now, your sensitive information can’t walk away on a vendor or staff member’s personal phone. 

Manage multiple households

Multi-family offices, fractional estate managers, and property management companies use Nines to manage homes for multiple clients. Seamlessly navigate between separate accounts while maintaining the highest level of security, and add your branding to create a custom user experience. With Nines, your team can easily keep track of all the moving pieces, no matter how many properties you oversee.

Make the most of your time at home

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Personalized support from experts who’ve seen it all

You want your home to feel calm and comfortable, but where to start? Nines is designed for homes like yours, so it’s easy to get up and running quickly.  

Nines is backed by professional housekeeping and estate management expert Marta Perrone, whose gold standard house management system is trusted by hundreds of discerning households. Her insights are built into the Nines platform, so you can create a flexible manual that can keep up with your household — in a fraction of the time.  

We also offer household management workshops, professional development training, and the leading community for private service professionals, to set everyone on your team up for success. 

Plus, our expert estate managers have managed any household challenge you can throw at them. Whether you need help setting up your manual or someone to call when you have a question, they’ve got you covered.

The old way vs. the Nines way

Until now, the homes of the world’s most successful people have run on paper house manuals, spreadsheets, text messages, and a range of cobbled-together software solutions — setting everyone in the household up for failure.

Nines offers modern household management solutions designed specifically for households and estates. Our platform serves as a centralized household manual and operating system for managing properties, assets, vendors, staff, tasks, and more.

Meanwhile, we give households and private service professionals a place to turn for professional development, consulting and community, so you can streamline your household operations and learn how to navigate any challenge.

We believe that with the right people, systems and support in place, families can actually live the life they imagined — and we’re on a mission to help everyone in your household live with ease.

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