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What does home mean to you, and who are you when you’re there? How are home and success intertwined? This is Make Yourself at Home, the podcast that takes you into the homes of people you admire, to show you a side you don’t usually get to see. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

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Episode 12 | 50 min

Dr. Wendy Borlabi Director of Performance and Mental Health, Chicago Bulls

Dr. Wendy Borlabi is a renowned sports psychologist who today serves as the first Director of Performance and Mental Health the Chicago Bulls have ever had. Before moving to Chicago in 2016, she worked with Olympic athletes in San Diego, and she’s an expert at helping athletes achieve their goals.

But a powerhouse career was never a goal of her own. She wanted to play basketball, and become a mom. After college, she fell into sports psychology serendipitously, and her career took off. Then, a health scare put things into perspective — and set off a sea of change in her life that would lead her to have twins, move to Chicago, and land a job with the Bulls she says felt meant to be.

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Episode 11 | 49 min

Tara Williams Founder & CEO, Dreamland Baby

Tara Williams had always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but her million dollar idea came out of challenge in her personal life, at the worst possible time to start a business. Tara and her husband were both laid off at the same time, just as they had their 4th child. To add insult to injury, baby #4 wouldn’t sleep — until Tara had the idea for a weighted sleep sack.

Two years of sacrifice and one episode of Shark Tank later, Dreamland Baby took off in 2020 — and this year, the company is on track to do $22 million in revenue. In this conversation, Tara talks about the reality of “having it all,” and why she believes success is a life of gratitude. 

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Episode 10 | 44 min

Noora Raj Brown EVP, Brand, Goop

As the EVP, Brand at goop, Noora Raj Brown is always on — ready to take the heat and help the brand push the conversation forward. For years, she was the first to raise her hand for a work trip, and she was focused on her next title, her next career move. But in 2020, a challenge in Noora’s personal life started to change how she thinks about goals in work and in life, when she and her husband were told they couldn’t have kids.

Then, after a tough round of IVF, a global pandemic, and an unexpected gift from a friend, they welcomed their daughter, Lily, and Noora shifted how she thinks about her North Star. In this conversation, Noora shares why “there’s no time for sad sushi,” how she found a sense of belonging after years of transience, and how to recognize that you have enough, when there’s so much you can want.

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Episode 9 | 55 min

Nyakio Grieco Co-Founder, Thirteen Lune

Nyakio Grieco launched her first brand, nyakio Beauty, more than 20 years ago, working relentlessly to bring her grandparents’ beauty secrets to the U.S. Then, in 2020, she co-founded Thirteen Lune, the e-commerce platform dedicated to the discovery of beauty brands created by Black and Brown founders that resonate with people of all colors. And in 2022, she launched a new clean, inclusive skincare brand — Relevant: Your Skin Seen. Nyakio is a force in the beauty industry, but she says she struggled with imposter syndrome, and embraced the title “entrepreneur” later on in her career.

For this conversation, we’re in Nyakio’s home in Los Angeles, talking about learning to operate from a place of confidence, why she’s dedicated to lifting up other women (and how she’s supported by her own powerhouse group of girlfriends), and how rest, family time and gratitude fuel her success.

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Episode 8 | 55 min

Loren Brill Castle Founder & CEO, Sweet Loren's

You know Loren Brill Castle as the founder of Sweet Loren’s — the #1 natural cookie dough brand found in 15,000 supermarkets across the United States — but she never planned to disrupt the cookie dough aisle. At 22 years old, just after Loren graduated from college, she was diagnosed with cancer, and had to spend the next year going through treatment. She channeled all her energy into getting healthy, and along the way, developed a clean cookie dough recipe that even her picky eating little sister couldn’t get enough of. A year after her diagnosis, she was cancer free, and set out to live a life without regrets.

Today, we’re in Loren’s home in Los Angeles, CA, talking about choosing which road to take when bad things happen, how to find work-life balance when your company’s mission is incredibly personal to you,  finding a partner who understands the life of an entrepreneur, and what Loren has learned about living well on her path to success.

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Episode 7 | 55 min

Adrian Grenier Actor, Environmentalist, Impact Investor

Adrian Grenier had “made it.” After his leading role in HBO’s Entourage and the success of films like The Devil Wears Prada and Drive Me Crazy, he’d found success, fame, money. And yet, it wasn’t enough. He was always striving for more — until his girlfriend Jordan Roemmele ended their relationship and set off a chain reaction that changed his life completely.

Today, Adrian lives at what he calls, “earth speed,” and for this conversation, we’re at Kintsugi Ranch — Adrian’s farm in Bastrop, Texas — talking about why he feels so much more at home here than in Hollywood, how his views on money and success have changed, why he feels his now-wife Jordan is his soulmate, sent to shake up his life.

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Episode 6 | 49 min

Kate Torgersen Founder & CEO, Milk Stork

Kate Torgersen doesn’t believe in work-life balance — she believes in work-life complexity. As the Founder and CEO of Milk Stork, the first breast milk shipping company, she’s helped thousands of working parents achieve their goals, both personally and professionally. And she says if she hadn’t been a mom — specifically, to twins — she would never have become an entrepreneur.

For this conversation, we’re in Kate Torgersen’s home in Lafayette, California, talking about committing to a new business while standing on a pile of hot wheels, what her home means to her, and why there’s no doubt Kate’s work and home have had an incredible impact on each other.

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Episode 5 | 52 min

Danielle Canty Co-Founder & President, bossbabe

Danielle Canty is the President of bossbabe, a multi-million dollar company that’s helped more than 100,000 women reach their goals through its podcast, mentorship community, and social media empire. But just 3 years ago, Danielle had a completely different life. She had built the life she felt she was “supposed to build,” and yet, something didn’t feel right.

For this conversation, we’re in Danielle’s home in Los Angeles, talking about how, after moving halfway around the world, navigating a tough divorce, and rewiring how she thinks about time and success, she’s starting to build a life she loves. Make Yourself at Home with bossbabe’s Danielle Canty.

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Episode 4 | 40 min

Greg Davidson CEO & Co-Founder, Lalo

Greg Davidson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lalo, the baby and toddler brand known for its beautifully designed high-chairs, play tables and strollers. But when Greg and his co-founder Michael Wieder had the idea for Lalo, neither one of them had kids. Since 2019, Greg’s personal and professional lives have been two parallel rollercoasters. As Lalo took off (growing 400% in 2021), Greg’s life at home took off, too.

For this conversation, we’re in New York City, talking about choosing a life of chaos as an entrepreneur, raising kids in NYC, and taking the time to live in the moment and give yourself the “30,000 foot view.” Make Yourself at Home with Greg Davidson.

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Episode 3 | 46 min

Kara Goldin Founder, Hint

Kara Goldin is the Founder of Hint — the award-winning unsweetened flavored water brand sold in 30,000 stores across the United States. But who is Kara Goldin at home? How are her life at home and her professional success intertwined? In fact, from the very beginning of Hint, Kara’s personal life and her entrepreneurship career have fueled each other. Before Hint water was a household name, it was just an idea in her kitchen. She stocked her first products on the shelves the day she had her 4th child, and her kids sold early cases of Hint in the driveway.

For this conversation, we’re in Kara’s home in Marin County, California, talking about finding home in the Bay Area, what her kids learned from watching their parents launch Hint, and how big moments in Kara’s work and personal life tended to happen all at the same time. Make Yourself at Home with Kara Goldin.

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Episode 2 | 42 min

Frédéric Fekkai Hair Stylist, Founder & CEO, FEKKAI

Frédéric Fekkai is known for being a celebrity hair stylist, and for reinventing the hair salon when he launched his “day spa” at Bergdorf Goodman. For decades, he’s styled the biggest stars at busy salons in New York City and Hollywood, including Claudia Schiffer, Demi Moore and Martha Stewart. But today, as he leads his hair care brand FEKKAI to a cleaner, more sustainable future, he gets creative in a different environment — his home.

For this conversation, we’re in Frédéric’s home in Greenwich, CT, talking about his winding path to success, and how his life at home has changed every step of the way. We cover how his modest upbringing in France influenced his creativity, where he gets his sense of gratitude, and why he’s edited his priorities over time. Make Yourself at Home with Frédéric Fekkai.

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Episode 1 | 47 min

Bess Freedman CEO, Brown Harris Stevens

At work, Bess Freedman is the CEO of Brown Harris Stevens, one of the largest and most successful privately held real estate companies in the United States. At home, she’s a mahjong player, someone who reads library books and smiles at her neighbors, and a self-described homebody.

For this conversation, we’re in Bess’s home in New York City, talking about what home means to her, and how home and success are intertwined. We cover why she hates the phrase killing time, her commitment to standing up for what’s right, how she and her ex-husband have set aside their egos to help their family find harmony, and more. Make Yourself at Home with Bess Freedman.

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Episode 0 | 3 min


Make Yourself at Home is new podcast, presented by Nines, that takes you into the homes of people you admire, to ask these questions and show you a side you don’t usually get to see. Every week, we’ll interview someone at the top of their career, to explore holistic success and how work and home are inextricably intertwined.

Season 1 — featuring Adrian Grenier (Earth Speed Media, DuContra Ventures), Bess Freedman (Brown Harris Stevens), Danielle Canty (Bossbabe), Frédéric Fekkai (FEKKAI), Greg Davidson (Lalo), Kara Goldin (Hint), Kate Torgersen (Milk Stork), and more.

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