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[Make Yourself at Home E13] Ruth Zukerman, Co-Founder, SoulCycle & Flywheel Sports

You know Ruth Zukerman as the Co-Founder of SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports. But who is Ruth Zukerman at home?

By Kristin Twiford

Ruth Zukerman is a force in the fitness industry known for co-founding SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports, and for creating the communities that sparked the studio cycling movement. But Ruth never imagined starting a business, let alone two of the biggest names in fitness.

She first started taking spin classes as she was going through a divorce, and quickly found how empowering they could be. She became an instructor at the Reebok Club and built a loyal following. Then, in 2006, someone in her class approached her about starting a boutique fitness studio on the Upper West Side.

Together, they launched SoulCycle — first in NYC, then in the Hamptons. But as SoulCycle became a cult phenomenon, Ruth’s partnership with her cofounders fell apart — a moment that hit hard personally, and left Ruth feeling betrayed and stuck. Now, as she shares her story through her book, Riding High: How I Kissed SoulCycle Goodbye, Co-Founded Flywheel, and Built the Life I Always Wanted, and keynote speeches across the country, she says meeting her Flywheel co-founders and starting a business that felt more aligned with her own values allowed her to move on from SoulCycle, and that her setbacks ultimately paved the way for her success.

For episode 13 of Make Yourself at Home, we’re in Ruth’s home in New York City, talking about living alone and being comfortable with herself, and how she’s finally owning her success. Ruth shares how she’s learned to see her most challenging moments in a positive light, and why today, she feels more comfortable in her own home and in her own skin than she ever has before. Make Yourself at Home with Ruth Zukerman. 

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Follow along with Ruth on social media @fountainof_ruth, and check out her book, Riding High.

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