Household Management

Your household deserves better technology

Your household faces many of the same challenges as a small business. But the spreadsheets, text messages and physical paperwork you're using to manage your employees, properties and vendors can’t keep up — and it’s time for a change. 

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Household Management

Why every household and estate manager needs a system for 2023

As an estate manager, you’re an expert at making other people’s lives easier. But what about your life? Here’s the 1 tool every estate manager needs to work smarter, minimize frustration, optimize performance, and save time in 2023.

Household Management

The household management app to organize your home and keep your family on track

You need an easier way to manage properties and all the chaos that comes with them. Meet Nines, the household management app designed for homes like yours.

Household Management

What is an estate manager, and do you need one?

What does an estate manager do? How much do estate managers make? Should you hire an estate manager, and if so, how do you find the right fit? Find the answers to all your questions in this ultimate guide.

Household Manual

How a digital house manual helped this estate manager save time and provide better, more cost-effective service

Linda Peifer never wanted a digital house manual — she liked the way she was doing things and she was wary of change. But today, she’s saving time and enjoying a clean desk, and she says, “I’m a believer.”

Household Management

How family offices manage homes and staff with an app built for estate management

This family office was struggling to find and share information with family members and staff. Now, they have everything they need, right at their fingertips. Here's how they streamlined the chaos and reduced stress with an app that's designed for estate management.

Household Management

Tackle your household operations in 3 easy steps

Managing homes and estates isn't easy. But if you take these 3 simple steps, you can cut down on the chaos, save time, and be more prepared for anything that comes your way.


35+ templates to create a smart household manual (in a fraction of the time)

You know you need a house manual, but where to start? Introducing Nines list templates — built by the experts, so you can save time and start checking things off your list right away.


3 ways Nines helps you control your household’s information

You depend on trusted staff to manage your family’s most important information, but what happens if you have to part ways? With Nines, you can hold on to everything from paint colors to HR records, and ensure continuity for your household — come what may.

Household Management

3 things you need to know about your household staff

Your household staff is always there for you when you need them. But are you running the risk of losing your most trusted employee? Here are three things every household employer needs to hear.

Household Manual

The ultimate guide to household manuals

A household manual keeps your home running smoothly. But what exactly goes into building one? Does everyone need a manual? And how do you get started? Here’s everything you need to know about building a house manual that will change your life at home.

Household Management

What is a household manager, and do you need one?

Running a household can feel like a full-time job — and that’s because it is. If you’re spending too much time on managing household staff and balancing projects, and not enough time enjoying your home and bonding with your loved ones, you may need a household manager. Start here to learn about house manager roles and responsibilities, titles, salaries, and more.

Household Manual

Centralize your household's preferences, personal information and more with Nines

Whether you're managing your own household or communicating resident preferences with household staff, you need a secure way to store and share sensitive personal information. With Nines, you can keep everything at your fingertips — without losing control.

Household Assets

Maintain your household’s valuable assets with Nines

Your household’s cars, art, antiques, musical instruments and appliances all require regular care and maintenance — but keeping track of details and schedules can be a massive challenge. With Nines, you can preserve your household’s most valuable assets effortlessly.


How this luxury wellness retreat keeps track of every detail

Luxury service is in the details. But how do you keep up, when the number of details is overwhelming? See how the right household management platform helped the team behind this luxury wellness retreat save time and focus on meaningful work.

Household Manual

Build a dynamic house manual to match your household

Your household manual should be able to keep up with your fast-paced, constantly changing household. Introducing a better way to create manuals that work, powered by Nines and industry expert Marta Perrone.

Household Management

Manage your household’s contacts all in one place

Your household needs to track contact information, birthdays, anniversaries, gifts and more. Nines household management software comes with built-in contact management, so you can store contact data and use that information to strengthen your relationships.

Household Management

Manage household tasks anywhere, anytime with Nines

Need a better way to check things off your household’s to-do list? With Nines, you can create tasks, assign them to household staff, share them with contractors, and follow along as work gets done — anytime, anywhere.

Household Vendors

Keep track of your household’s vendors with Nines

Vendors are a key part of managing households, and the right vendor management system can make life easier for you and your service providers. See how Nines household management software can streamline your vendor workflow.


Organize your lists with Nines

Lists help you organize everything in your household. But what happens when your lists start to pile up? Let’s get your lists under control.


Marta Perrone and Nines come together to reimagine household manuals

In her 30 years in private service, Marta Perrone has perfected the art of building house manuals. Now, she’s sharing her secrets for keeping your household running smoothly through a new partnership with Nines.


An estate manager’s search for one go-to platform

Running an estate is a balancing act — but you shouldn’t have to juggle so many tools to get the job done. See how this estate manager found one home for all of her household’s most important information.

Household Management

Simplify your luxury property management with Nines

Whether you’re managing one home or a dozen, property management is complex. Nines household management software handles all the details, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Household Employment

Manage your household staff with Nines

Your household staff deserves a tool that’s built to help them succeed. Nines empowers everyone in your household with easier, smarter support.


An opportunity in private service

The pandemic uncovered deep-rooted problems in the private service industry — and triggered an important shift in how we think about the future.