Household Management

Your household deserves better technology

Your household faces many of the same challenges as a small business. But the spreadsheets, text messages and physical paperwork you're using to manage your employees, properties and vendors can’t keep up — and it’s time for a change. 

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Household Management

What is an estate manager, and do you need one?

What does an estate manager do? How much do estate managers make? Should you hire an estate manager, and if so, how do you find the right fit? Find the answers to all your questions in this ultimate guide.

Household Management

3 things you need to know about your household staff

Your household staff is always there for you when you need them. But are you running the risk of losing your most trusted employee? Here are three things every household employer needs to hear.

Household Employment

What is Schedule H for Household Employment Taxes?

How do you report household employees on your taxes? Do you even need to report them? It’s all in Schedule H.

Household Employment

What are the risks of misclassifying household staff?

Is your nanny an employee or a contractor? And what happens if you get it wrong? Don’t put yourself or your household employees at risk.


[Easemakers Podcast E5] Agencies, resumes and references

How do you find the right match in private service? Whether you're looking for an agency to work with, a principal to work for, or a private service professional to hire, this episode of the Easemakers Podcast has you covered.

Household Management

Are you setting your household employees up for success?

Onboarding is a critical step in helping your household run smoothly. Are you giving your new employees the tools and guidance they need?

Household Employment

Do you need workers' compensation insurance for household employees?

Think you can get away without workers’ comp insurance for your household staff? Don’t let an accident turn into a nightmare for you and your employees.

Household Employment

What happens if your household employer doesn't pay taxes on your wages?

Is your employer paying you off the books? Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.

Household Employment

Household employee taxes: what happens if you don’t pay?

You have an obligation to pay household employee taxes — but what happens if you pay your nanny, butler, or housekeeper under the table, instead?

Household Employment

Is a private service professional a contractor or an employee?

Is your nanny an employee or a contractor? Knowing the difference — and paying them correctly — can help you save money and avoid risk.

Household Employment

What are household employee taxes, and why should they be filed legally?

When you pay employment taxes for your household staff, you’re showing appreciation and respect for the employee who makes your life easier and takes good care of your household — and at the same time, you’re protecting yourself from a myriad of legal and financial risks.

Household Employment

What does California's “Silenced No More” Act SB-331 Mean for Household Employment?

The Silenced No More Act sets stronger rules limiting what non-disclosure agreements can protect. Is your NDA still legal?

Household Employment

Manage your household staff with Nines

Your household staff deserves a tool that’s built to help them succeed. Nines empowers everyone in your household with easier, smarter support.

Household Employment

How to set up nanny payroll to save you $8,000 at tax time

Is your household’s nanny payroll set up to save you money — and avoid the risk of penalties and fines?

Household Employment

9 benefits to retain your best private service professionals

Nationwide resignations are up 60% over last year, and demand for household employees is booming. How are you working to retain your best private service professionals?