[Easemakers Podcast E54 – Live from EMC] Trending: Residential Hospitality

What does it mean to create a 5 star hotel experience in a home or estate — and how can you make it happen? Hannah Loudin, Director of Residences at The Tampa EDITION, shares her tips in a special bonus episode of the Easemakers Podcast, recorded live from the Estate Management Conference!

By Kristin Twiford

What does it mean when a job description includes “5 star hotel experience”? How should estate managers prepare for roles with the title, “Hospitality Manager”? Why is this trend on the rise, and what can private service professionals learn from luxury hotels? 

Hannah Loudin is the perfect person to shed light on these questions — one, because of her role as the Director of Residences for The Tampa EDITION, and two, because of her extensive career in luxury hotels, residences and restaurants. In this conversation, we explore:

  • The guiding principles that help create a 5 star service environment
  • How to build a culture where everyone is dedicated to providing luxury hospitality experiences for your principals
  • What estate managers and private service professionals can do to prepare for hospitality-focused roles

This special episode of the Easemakers Podcast was recorded live at the 2024 Estate Management Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, in front of an audience of estate managers and private service industry partners. The conference brought together leaders from across the private service industry to explore trends in estate management and dig into what it means to deliver a luxury experience in 2024.

Kristin Twiford and Hannah Loudin in conversation for the Easemakers Podcast, live at the Estate Management Conference
Kristin Twiford and Hannah Loudin in conversation for the Easemakers Podcast, live at the Estate Management Conference

Thank you to the Estate Management Conference for having us, and to all of our live audience members for being a part of this conversation! The team at Nines is incredibly grateful to support the world’s top private service professionals and to work with all of you to move the industry forward. We loved having the opportunity to connect with so many Easemakers and private service industry friends in person!

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