[Easemakers Podcast E53] Staying organized across multiple properties with NEAT Method Co-Founders Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer

Getting organized — let alone staying organized — across multiple properties can be a huge undertaking. Get tips from the experts in this Easemakers Podcast episode with NEAT Method Co-Founders Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer.

By Kristin Twiford

Decluttering one home is hard enough, but how do you stay organized when you’re managing a number of complex properties around the world?

Ashley Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of NEAT Method, and Marissa Hagmeyer, NEAT’s Co-Founder and COO, are on a mission to help people do just that.

NEAT is a luxury home organizing company that provides service through franchises as well as luxury organizing products, like hangers, dividers, canisters, storage bins, etc. Their teams of professional organizers turn a chaotic environment into an organized home, where, for example:

  • The mudroom is clutter-free but filled with exactly the items someone needs when they’re walking out the door, like boots and umbrellas
  • The bed and bath linens are exactly where the family (and the housekeeper) would expect them to be
  • The living room and dining room are ready for guests any time
  • Home decor can shine in every living space, without the distraction of clutter

Now, Ashley and Marissa are sharing their expert tips in a new episode of the Easemakers Podcast. In this conversation, we dig into specific organization ideas for estate managers and anyone looking to maximize functionality and create a calm environment across multiple homes.

Tune in to hear their strategies for:

  • Managing moves
  • Creating consistency across properties
  • Adding ease to everyday life
  • Creating seamless working relationships with organizers, interior designers, movers and more

Plus, in the lightning round, don’t miss the organizing hacks that Ashley and Marissa use in their own homes, as well as their favorite stories from their time organizing luxury homes!

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