[Easemakers Podcast E35] Managing complex moves

Is it possible for a move to be stress-free? No move is easy, but this week on the Easemakers Podcast, move concierge and relocation services expert Eve Ward shares her tips for helping the entire moving process go smoothly.

By Kristin Twiford

What steps should you take to help move-in day go smoothly? Should the homeowners be on-site when the movers arrive? Do you need to hire an expert service provider to move a priceless chandelier to a new home? Can you rely on your moving company to create a plan for move-out?

Every move is riddled with questions and details, and high end relocation is even more complex.

As a move concierge and relocation specialist, Eve Ward is an expert in streamlining the moving experience. Eve’s move management consulting firm Bond and Des Voeux provides moving concierge services for high net worth households around the world. She’s moved clients from one country to another, helped them downsize, and moved homes in and out for renovation projects, packing and unpacking everything in a home and setting it up exactly as it was before.

In this episode of the Easemakers Podcast, Eve shares what she’s learned in years of experience managing complex moves. Hear her tips for estate managers, her take on the importance of inventory, and her advice for keeping everyone on the same page through every aspect of your move.

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