[Easemakers Podcast E18] Mayday case study: overcoming ‘hell week’

One week, three holiday dinners, no notice. When Holy Week turned into 'hell week,' Latricia Friend made the impossible possible for her principals — and now, she's sharing how she did it in the latest episode of the Easemakers Podcast.

By Kristin Twiford

In January, New York City fractional estate manager Latricia Friend checked in with her clients about their plans for Holy Week. One after the other, they told her they didn’t plan to be in the city.

But in April 2022, as Passover, Easter and Ramadan all approached on the same week, her phone started ringing.

In this episode of the Easemakers Podcast, Latricia shares the story of when Holy Week turned into ‘hell week,’ and breaks down how she was able to juggle three families and three different holiday dinners, all with a little help from her network.

Tune in to hear:

  • How Latricia handles a ‘mayday’ situation
  • Her tips for motivating everyone around you
  • Why networking is critical for every private service professional

Plus, in the lightning round, don’t miss Latricia’s favorite fictional private service professional — we bet you can’t guess who it is ahead of time!

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