[Easemakers Podcast E34] From jewelry to NFTs: managing private collections

Whether you’re handling priceless works of art or couture masterpieces, supporting a private collector comes with a lot of extra responsibility. In a new episode of the Easemakers Podcast, Naomi Sosnovsky shares how she combines her passions for private collections and private service — along with her advice for other PSPs.

By Kristin Twiford

Naomi Sosnovsky always knew she wanted to work in private service — specifically, with private collectors. She’s studied art history, archaeology, and fashion, and she’s worked in museums and on red carpets, all to give her a deeper understanding of the world’s most beautiful objects and the people who collect them.

As a New York-based Personal Assistant and Private Collections Manager, she seeks out principals with a passion for collecting, whether they’re interested in contemporary art collections, impressionist paintings, 19th century jewelry, high fashion, or NFTs. No matter their preferred format, she’s just as interested in the art collectors as she is in the art.

In a new episode of the Easemakers Podcast, Naomi shares her take on how a collection has the power to tell the story of a person, and why she’s passionate about safeguarding her principals’ prized possessions.

Tune in to hear:

  • What she’s learned about private collections and their collectors
  • Common mistakes principals and private service professionals make caring for fine art, jewelry and couture
  • Her advice for PSPs tasked with managing collections, whether they’re caring for them at home or handling loans to friends and private museums

Plus, in the lightning round, hear about Naomi’s own collection of jewelry from the 18th century!

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