[Easemakers Podcast E14] Caring for couture and managing high-end wardrobes

How do you care for a luxury wardrobe and manage the closet of a couture collector? Garde Robe's Doug Greenberg shares secrets from the pros.

By Kristin Twiford

For couture collectors, managing closets is a top priority — and it’s a task that can be riddled with snags (both literally and figuratively).

Garde Robe, the luxury wardrobe storage and valet service whose name translates to “protect clothing,” has been safeguarding clients’ closets for 20 years. Now, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Greenberg is sharing some lessons learned in the latest episode of the Easemakers Podcast.

Tune in to hear Doug’s tips for estate managers and anyone tasked with managing a luxury wardrobe, like:

  • The top mistakes people make caring for couture
  • What private service professionals should know about wardrobe storage, care, maintenance and more
  • How he’d go about building a dream closet

Plus, in the lightning round, don’t miss Doug’s favorite stories about preserving “wearable art.”

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