[Easemakers Podcast] Leadership, job searching, manuals and more

Every estate manager has a story, and the Easemakers Podcast is where you get to hear them. Tune in to hear guests share their tips for becoming a better leader, landing the right job for you, building an effective house manual, and more.

By Kristin Twiford

Private service professionals are buzzing about the Easemakers Podcast.

So far, guests from across the private service industry have shared what they’ve learned about managing household staff and vendors, job searching and working with agencies, and the changing landscape of the private service industry.

“The most important aspect in this industry is time — we don’t get enough of it.”

— Director of Residences Fiona Spence-McNeil

Jared Miles, a Director of Residences who oversees 7 properties and 30 household staff members, kicked off the podcast with his tips for fostering a great team. Florida Director of Residences Fiona-Spence McNeil shared her insights on becoming a better communicator, whether you’re working with your staff or your principals. And Maine Estate Manager Shelby Boudreau shared how to apply your leadership strategy to your vendors — and why you should make them feel a part of the team.

Digging into household operations, professional housekeeper and estate management expert Marta Perrone shared her tips for creating a house manual that works for everyone, and why she feels a house manual is a must-have for anyone with a household staff.

“It’s already really tough to be an estate manager, they get thrown a million things all day long. If an estate manager takes the time to build a manual, I think they will appreciate the ease, the seamlessness.”

— Estate Management Expert Marta Perrone

Two well-known household staffing experts joined the podcast to share what they’ve learned about finding the right role in private service. Peter Van Ryder covered how to navigate the job search, sharing everything from common job searching mistakes to how to handle ghosting. David Gonzalez shared what he’s learned about agencies, resumes, references and more in 20 years of running EstateJobs.com, and what PSPs need to know if they want to find the right match.

“Everything you do with someone else in the business — treat it as an interview.”

— EstateJobs.com Founder David Gonzalez

And, to help us look at the big picture, Kimberly Varney shared her insights on how the private service industry is changing — and why PSPs should take an active role in shaping the future.

“There’s so much to talk about. There’s so much we need to fix.”

— Estate Management Network Founder Kimberly Varney

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